Sales Coaching Solutions’ Natasha Baer shares a personal insight to the highlights of working in sales.

This week has tested me to the very depths of what I can do, and the result is validation. I am good at what I do, I can take on new challenges, I do work hard. For a girl who thought she couldn’t sell, she sold out an entire event.

Today, 30 business owners came to Bristol for the whole day to go on a sales course that I had sold to them. Imagine how it feels to see a room full of people that have bought you, honestly, I felt like a celebrity. Sometimes sales can be the most frustrating, lonely, and tiring job in the industry, but no other job role can give you that same adored feeling.

But don’t think that it came easily. There was rejection, so much rejection. For weeks I didn’t sell a thing. But what I did have was tenacity, I knew I had to get 30 bums in seats by February 4th. That was my goal, so I continued to network, set up meeting and pick up the phone until I got there.

But there was driver throughout all of this, because at times the goal seemed so far away, but I kept going. I kept going because I wanted to do it for my managing director, Alison Edgar.

My motivation was to prove to her that I was worth it. I want to earn my keep with her, and this can literally be measured by my sales. If you, like me, put autonomy on a pedestal, sales is the one job that you can say “actually yes, I have earned my wage.”

Time with Alison is so rare. But what she did to help me is amazing, check out this figure – after spending an afternoon with Alison I had a 100% conversion rate on 1-2-1s.

That’s what sales does for me, and what Alison can do for you.

So thank you for every person who spent the day with us today. More than just business contacts were made, but actual friendships. There were amazing businesses, brilliant people and best of all it was proper fun!

If you are interested in coming on our Easy Peasy Sales course and becoming one of our #SalesHeroes, please feel free to PM me.

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