Having written my first ever blog on “Whether it’s better to Blog or Vlog?” After a few hours, it was viewed and commented on more times than I could imagine. I thought maybe I should strike again while the iron was hot and share some of my top tips.

When I public speak or work with clients, it is often apparent that lots of people do not know the difference between sales and marketing. They think they are the same thing.

When I was 16, I played golf for the West of Scotland girls’ team. I was good, but never great as my social life always stood in my way of reaching a professional level like some of peers. For those of you who don’t know about golf, the fundamental process is you put the tee in the ground, put the ball on the tee, and hit the ball in as little shots as you can into the hole. Sounds easy doesn’t it?!

Like sales and marketing, it’s not as easy as you think, it’s all about skill, practise and techniques. Sometimes the tools change, you would not expect Justin Rose to play in the Open Championship using a Mashie niblick (one of the first clubs). The internet and digital media have changed the way businesses market themselves.

In golf terms, marketers get the ball up to the hole, by getting people to understand what the businesses does, the benefits of using their products or services, creating offers and call to actions to make the customer want to purchase, and in the online world they even get a “hole in one” by getting the ball in the hole without involving sales. For most of us though we have to interact with customers face to face to get business, this is where marketing ends and sales begin. Unfortunately, this is where lots of businesses fall down, they focus a lot on their marketing, and forget they need to sink the putt to close the deal. They do not know the sales process and have not mastered the how to ask for the order or negotiate to win the customer.

Lots of companies have a great marketing plan but no sales strategy. When was the last time you updated your sales plan or worked on your techniques to increase sales?

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