If you’re like me then you’re 20-something, responsible for where you live, committed to a job, and balancing your social life with your work schedule.

Guess what?

Massive Congratulations! That’s amazing.

Those are all absolutely incredible things that you have got going on for you, and you will continue to do for yourself.

Yes, you’ve lost contact with too many friends, but aren’t the best ones still there? You’ve got the cream of your social crop as your nearest and dearest. Gone are the days when you had to coordinate meeting three separate groups on a single night out, now it’s either hanging out with your best mate or at home with Netflix. And your mornings thank you for it.

Some of you may not like your job. That’s even harder, so MC! But if you’re like me and you love your job then MC, because honestly, to be in a job you love is a huge deal. It’s what people at the top give everything up for; it’s more desirable than diamonds, even more desirable than being in a small boat with David Gandy while his clothes hang out to dry.

So, MC if you paid your bills this month, this means you have got those human rights boxes ticked: water; roof; Wifi.

MC for going to work every morning. I don’t know about you but I barely managed to attend 6th form and that was with free periods. Dedication to time input? You’ve nailed it. There is even a Massive gold star if you have done overtime.

MC if you have a passion and are working on it. This might be the thing that is currently keeping you sane. Those questions, worries and paranoia that shout in your ear at night, attach weights to your feet, and siphon energy out of your eyes, they will go. What it means is that you care, you can grow, and you have a great projection of how you want to be in the future.

Want to know what I’ve learned? I’ve been through some challenges and I’ve got so many more to go. But I look at the ones I thought I would never get over, and I can reassure myself that I will continue to look back and be proud at how I have grown since then.  Like the primary school hall you go back to visit, the first interview you play over in your head and cringe, or even that ex who you said you would never be without, with time comes memories, experiences and knowledge.

Life doesn’t get easier, it just expands.

Keep going, that’s the point.

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