Yes, I’m still on a blog hiatus, but feel compelled to jot down a few words to consolidate something I learned this week. So, thought it would be nice to share with my readers.

The last 3 days I have spend being a student, very weird for someone who has spend the last years being a teacher!  How did this come about? In September my very talented friend Ali Shadrack, MD of Adia PR, invited me to a public speaking course in London. My inner self thought,  why on earth would I want to go on a course to teach me something I do every day in my business? Not only that, my training and speaking receive rave reviews, what else could someone teach me? 

None the less, one wet Sunday in September 2015, I boarded a train to London to attend Dr Joanna Martin’s one day seminar on improving your public speaking techniques. What I saw and leaned in one day knocked my socks off and at the end of the event I signed up to a 3 day course to learn more. As an added bonus it was also in the Algarve in January, so a bit of winter sun is always something which floats my boat. 

Even by my standard the course was intense, with early starts and late finishes as well as homework. Another parody for me as I’m usually the one setting the homework!!

In total 100 delegates had made their way to Portugal to learn from Jo.  They were from all walks of life and attending for all sorts of reasons, but a common theme ran throughout, they had all invested to learn and develop themselves. As with most events,  I met some AMAZING people, with who I will always stay in contact with and owe them great thanks for helping with my “homework”, especially the lovely Wendy.

The thing that “makes my heart sing” is teaching small business owners how to sell their fantastic products and services to allow them to make more profit through sales. They do not have the endless budgets for training like their large corporate counterparts, so government matching funding was a godsend to get specialist advice at a reasonable rate.  

Since the withdrawal of Growth Vouchers and Growth Accelerator in November, I’ve been racking my brains to find a solution that will allow me to teach people the skills they need to sell, as well as maintain as profitable business myself. After all it’s harsh but true, if you don’t sell, you don’t have a business!!

 It was during my time away, I realised the solution was staring me in the face. By working with groups of small businesses rather working with them on an individual basis, it’s a win/win for everyone. Not only do they access all my sales knowledge but they will be involved in a support community with other business owners who understand their hopes, fears and aspirations.

One of the things Jo covered on the course, was learning how to sell with integrity to a group of people at the same time. Being a telephone and face to face sales ninja you would think this would be easy for me. Nope think again, weirdly this was one of  aspects I found most tricky. 

The only way I can describe it is like driving!! 6 months ago, I bought my first automatic car. Prior to that I had driven a manual car for 30 years, so although I could drive, doing it automatically was a complete different ball game. So, my analogy is that driving is driving, but with two completely different methods, it takes a while to get used to it. 

On Thursday I’m running my Easy Peasy course to give small businesses an opportunity to change their sales fate, and grow their business. 3 spaces remain, so feel free to book and join me.

I’ve also learned self development is always on going, and even when you think you know a lot, there is always someone who can teach you more. Thank you Jo.

As always, a heartfelt thank you for reading my blog and forgiving my dyslexic ways.

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