A few years ago my mother sadly passed away, this left a vacancy for the role of “Mum” in my life. Fortunately, my Mum was one of 12 children, although their numbers are dwindling through time, as a close family there was a stronghold of her sisters who would have been happy to fill the position.

The one who dived in first to secure the vacancy was Mum’s middle sister, June. 6 years her junior, she recently celebrated her 80th Birthday. It was her visit last week that prompted this blog.

Over the few days she was with me, we got a chance to spend great quality time together, chatting and laughing for many hours. She is a lady of many stories, some funny, others tragic. Her life has not been easy, being a single parent in an era when it was not mainstream and the bereavement of a child and grandchild would see a lesser person crumble.

It was in the garden when the sun went down and the night chill had started to set in that something poignant happened. I gave Aunty June my pink jacket to keep her warm. Despite the arms being slightly long, she looked swell. It was her response to my compliment “that she looked good in it” that we can learn from Aunty June.

Without even thinking, or blinking an eye, she replied “I look good in anything”.  Wow, Aunty June can teach us a lot, but most of all, despite all of the negatives things she has experienced in her life, deep down she has unfaltering self-belief.

So is confidence nature or nurture? I’m not an expert, but in my opinion nurture plays a big part. Both my parents taught me from an early age that the only person who could stop me achieving my goals is ME. This was also instilled in my Mum, Aunty June and their siblings by their parents.

Confidence is something I talk about frequently in my sales training and sales coaching. There is a thin line between confident and cocky, but without true confidence in yourself and your products or services you will struggle to sell them.

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A heartfelt thank you for reading my blog, and forgiving my dyslexic ways.


P.s. The photo is Auntie June’s’ first ever selfie which shows even at 80, she is up for learning new skills.

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