For a part of my Year 10 Work Experience Week, I spent a day working for Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother!  The day has been very useful for me to get an insight into what the general working world is like and it has been good to find out what sales coaching involves. It has been both interesting and enjoyable to find out about what Alison does and how she helps others to improve their own businesses with her extensive knowledge of business and sales.

I’ve been given different tasks to do today such as: Using Twitter to find Clients, Using Zoho CRM to log client information and sending copies of Ta-dahh (The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’s new eBook) as well as other jobs. Which although seemed a little dull at first, after a while I got into them and actually quite enjoyed them!

During my day here, I learnt that for companies to succeed and make good profit, having great sales is necessary. And it’s easy to see why Alison is one of the top sales trainers in the country as her knowledge of the industry combined with her bubbly and positive attitude makes her engaging to listen to. I have also learnt The Godmother’s 7 Sparkling Tips for selling from her eBook, which will be incredibly useful!

Spending the day here has given me more ideas on what possible careers I could go into, and sales and marketing could potentially be one of them. This is different to how I felt at the beginning of the week, as at the start of the week I had no interest in this field at all but working here has made me see the fun side to it, which I didn’t think existed before today! Reading Alison’s blogs and eBook has really inspired me to aim high and achieve all that I set out to do, whether that be a career in marketing and sales or not.

Working for Alison has been immense fun (with lots of pink and tiaras!!) The vibe of the business is really positive and has been a really nice environment to work in. Which has been great as I’m certain that most workplaces aren’t as enjoyable to work in as this one! So thank you to Alison for letting me shadow you for the day, I’ve really enjoyed it and it has given me an insight as to what I would like to pursue in the future.

Madeline Smith – Year 10 Work Experience

p.s. if you would like a free copy of Alison’s e-book, Ta-Dahh, you can fill in the request form on the home page or drop us an email. 

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