I truly believe that, when it’s done right, sales and great customer service are one and the same thing…

So what’s the secret that turns sales into great customer service?

It’s simple..


Sales is a process.

(At least it is when it’s done well!)

That’s so important to remember because it makes sales so much easier.

If you know what the process is – you can de-mystify the art of selling.

If you know what the process is – anyone can learn to follow it and anyone can learn to sell.

If you know what the process is – you can deliver consistently great customer service because you always know what the next step is.

And you can repeat it again and again and…


So what’s your process?

If you don’t have a process, you have to make it up each time. And if sales isn’t your strength or your passion, chances are you’re going to cut corners, or look for excuses not to do the bits that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious.

So I’ve got a challenge for you..

  • Write down your current process – or if you haven’t really got one, write down what you think you usually do.
  • Now think about the last sale you closed and the last sale you lost.
  • Did you follow the same process for both of them?

How happy are you with the process?



How does it compare to the Easy Peasy Sales Process below?

easy peasy sales process

Step 1: Be Prepared

This is the basic stuff like charging your laptop, looking up the directions the day before a
meeting. It’s simple but being prepared gives you confidence. Being unprepared, makes you


Step 2: Do Your Research

Know your market, know your prospective client, know your product and service. The more
prepared you are the better you’ll be able to handle client questions. If you’re well prepared
the client will have confidence in you too.


Step 3: Introduce Yourself With The 4Ws

Don’t stop at who you are, where you’re from and what you do. Tell the client what’s in it for
them. Tell them how you help people like them.


Step 4: Use Open Questions

Ask open questions like “who, what, where, when, how and why” because they encourage
the client to talk more. The more open questions you ask the more you’ll learn about their


Step 5: Listen Up

Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. Actively listen. Repeat it back to check you understand
and use what you hear to ask more relevant open questions.


Step 6: Get To The Need

If you follow step 4 and step 5 you will get to the need. But you need to confirm that’s what
they really want and you need to understand if there are any barriers. All you have to do is
go back to Step 4 and Step 5 until you’re confident you’ve got it.


Step 7: Ask For The Order

Closing! Yep I know this can be hard to face up to. But there are simple ways to do this, like
the assumptive close, the alternative close, or even the fear close. If you’ve followed the
process this far you should be feeling much more confident about actually asking for the


Step 8: Overcome Objections

What do you mean they aren’t sure they want to buy? It’s ok don’t panic, just go back to Step
4. Use your open questions and probe for why they aren’t sure. Listen (Step 5) and repeat
until you can give them the answers they need to hear to close the deal.


Step 9: Deliver to Expectations

Don’t mess up now! You’ve sealed the deal, but now you have to deliver on your promise.
Make sure you deliver the best possible customer experience so they stay your customer for
a very long time. Think about how you can wow them.


In a hurry? Don’t worry..

If you want to get the lowdown on Process and the other four key pillars of successful sales, I’ve put them all together in my new online course.


You can check it out here.

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