Hey! I’m Jordan Harry and I’m the new Sales Consultant intern. To sum me up I’m an entrepreneur, athlete, salesman… oh and a speed reader.

I am a student at the University of Bath studying Sports and Social sciences, I compete on the European circuit for triple jump and also have my own start-up called StudyFast which teaches students around the UK how to speed read.

StudyFast teaches students how to become speed readers, remember more and improve their productivity. I also have a recorded reading speed of 1175 words per minute with 83% comprehension.

I first discovered Alison at an entrepreneur speaking event held at the University of Bath in September 2016. After the one hour talk, I was fascinated, I wanted to learn more and become a part of her success.

Alison was more than happy to hire me, on one condition, I had to be able to help her fill a room. That night I sent her an e-mail, the next month I sent her another e-mail, Christmas day I sent her an e-mail and finally in March 2017 my e-mail gave me a 30-minute opportunity to pitch to Alison over the phone and resulted in me securing a new exciting internship.

For some of you reading this you may think this may have been extreme, however, Alison recognised my tenacity as it is a key skill which is required for sales.

My new role as the Sales Consultant at The Entrepreneur is a win/win situation. I gain the opportunity to learn from one of the UKs top 10 Business Advisors to help grow other businesses and experience first-hand how she develops lasting relationships.

During my time, I am supporting the team with our events, sales, SEO and bringing more pink (it’s my favourite colour too)

And when sales and marketing are done correctly it’s just like golf.

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