Branding is vital for businesses of all sizes. An effective branding strategy will not only give you an advantage against your competition but it will also provide something for your customers and prospective customers to connect to. Last week we had an amazing opportunity to enhance our brand, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, with a photo shoot conducted by the very talented Lidia Drzewiecka of Visuable and her team. Visuable are a branding, photography and web design company. This blog is explores the importance of branding and its relationship with business.


The Entrepreneur’s Godmother


The Entrepreneur’s Godmother has always been a personal brand, being based around my personality and the services that Team Godmother and I offer – it has always been known for being bright and pink – I even have a wand and tiara! All of these characteristics were chosen intentionally. The colour pink was picked due it’s eye-catching ability. For example, when we launched The Entrepreneur’s Godmother at the Sales Innovation Expo at ExCeL Centre in London last year, we were surrounded by corporate businesses in suit and tie, it’s safe to say we were the only ones with a big bright pink stand and pink uniforms. It meant that we stood out from the crowd and more importantly, we were memorable. It also makes a great talking point, I still have people come up to me and say “you’re the pink lady from ExCeL in London, I remember seeing you and your team in tiaras”. I chose to take on the Entrepreneur’s Godmother role as it allows me to connect and share my expertise with people and businesses, it is this message that I try and convey in everything I do.

Although The Entrepreneur’s Godmother is a well-established brand – I wanted to make it even stronger which is why I chose to work with the Visuable team. We captured several moments which visually represent my brand. Be sure to keep an eye out for our amazing results!

Lidia, being an expert on branding, has very kindly put together some top tips for you, as can be seen below:


Lidia’s top tips on branding

Lidia Drzewiecka of Visuable

Brand and business go hand in hand and are equally important in success of the other. A strong brand can increase revenues, market share, profits etc. which all contribute to a healthy business. Likewise, a good business that values its employees, has an excellent product or service and provides good customer service will strengthen the brand.

It can however go the other way. For example, take Amazon. Amazon’s brand has already taken a hit due to its policy of forcing warehouse employees to work unpaid overtime.

Here are 3 core key tips to brush up your brand:


1. Develop a simple brand message

Defining your brand can be one of the most difficult tasks and keeping it simple is even more tough. It’s like your business is going on a gap year to ‘discover itself’. Before I take on any Visuable package with a client, the first step in our process is for them to fill out a brand clarity questionnaire that asks some deep, ‘take a hard look at yourself’ type questions that can be challenging, but make for a bullet-proof brand. Asking yourself these challenging questions early on makes everything else seem a lot easier, as this simple brand message you end up with will flow through all of your communications, marketing materials, company visuals etc.


2. It’s about more than your logo

Your logo is just the tip of the iceberg in branding. Your brand is not your logo and that’s where I think a lot of people get it wrong. Your brand is how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Just like you like your friends based on their personality (I would hope), you would most likely appeal to brands that carry personality traits that appeal to you or reflect your own characteristics. Every single business exudes their own personality, and in order to ensure your business is successful, your brand personality needs to be unique so that it can shine above your competitors.

Adding personality to your brand will help your business in more ways that you know how. Plain and simply, people will buy products from a brand that they can connect with. You need to give customers a reason to pick your company over your competitors because chances are, you are offering a product or service similar to one that’s already out there. Injecting personality into your brand is a way in which to achieve differentiation and investing in unique brand photography that is indicative of your brand’s personality will help you get there.


3. Be consistent and cohesive

A unified brand message across all platforms creates synergy.

Ensure your website, as well as all your assets and materials that represent your company, conveys your brand personality. Every word and image is reflective of your brand personality, and should therefore be written and visually portrayed using a voice and style that communicates the essence of your brand.

Before embarking on any of our Visuable packages, our clients complete our deep-dive brand questionnaire and 1:1 consultation, which ensures we know everything there is to know about your business and where it is you want to go. This allows us to create unified and consistent imagery that reflects your brand message.


Final Words

Once you’ve established your brand the work doesn’t simply end there. Your brand and upkeeping your brand requires ongoing maintenance. No industry or marketplace stands still and therefore your brand shouldn’t either. Although your brand should remain consistent, you should be looking for ways to constantly improve and adjust it.

If you would like some help refining your brand and taking it to the next level by ensuring it resonates well with your customers, then get in touch with Lidia and the team at Visuable!

A huge thank you to Lidia and her team for helping us develop our brand even further! Keep an eye out for our latest images!

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