Last week was a very special time for a client of mine, Digiprint. It was their 30th birthday celebration which is a huge landmark for a small business. This blog features Ben Gregory of Digiprint, and his top tips to stand out from the crowd!


Who are Digiprint?

Digiprint is a local, independent business, based in Chippenham and Bath. They produce amazing digital prints, promotional fabric, displays, signage and marketing materials such as websites – they offer a whole world of printing goods!

One of their most popular products at the moment are their fabric displays. According to Ben, this is because there are ‘loads of different fabrics, it’s quite innovative and a little bit different. It’s not your usual roller-banner that you rock up with at an exhibition or event. It stands out from the crowd – we like to do that’.

The idea of standing out from the crowd is vital for small businesses to be noticed. Check out below to see my interview with Ben and for his top tips!


Interview with Ben Gregory of Digiprint


Why is it important to stand out from the crowd at exhibitions?

Exhibitions become a sea of roller banners and you can get lost in the hubbub of it all. If you rock up with some of our amazing fabric displays which come in so many different sizes, shapes, materials and uses, you will definitely stand out from the crowd because they are innovative, seamless, easy to pop up, and easy to carry as it all fits into one little bag.


How important is it to create your own personal brand and how has Digiprint done this?

First of all, you need to look professional, smart and current. You need to make your branding eye-catching so that it attracts potential customers. Rather than following the crowd, try to push the brand a bit further by doing something different to your competitors, try to create something that says ‘wow, look at me, I’m professional and I know what I’m doing’. For example, Digiprint has come such a long way as we are a small company of just two small studios, I think we look a lot bigger than we actually are due to how strong our branding is and how unique our products are.


What do you do at exhibitions to stand out from the crowd?

We have a classic Pac Man arcade machine which we have on our exhibition stand. It may seem a bit gimmicky, retro and 80’s but we feel that it represents us as a business. It also grabs the attention of people passing by. It so important to have something that does this because everyone has a bottle of champagne at exhibitions, but it is the unique and quirky businesses that will be remembered. You need to represent how creative and innovative you are.


A lot of people do email marketing, how do you feel about this?

Standing Out From The Crowd Through MarketingMailshots are definitely effective and current but it is still important to be different. I’ll give you an example. Our invitations for our 30th birthday party were created by us in the form of a record which we then branded and created the sleeves for. The traditional 7-inch record which had photo shopped images of 80s stars of the time on. We then used the traditional method of snail mail – when you put something in the post box and send it physically.

At the moment we are currently seeing a bit of a print renaissance because people are starting to get sick of the digital aspects of everyday life. It’s starting to go over everyone’s head and now we are stuck in a sea of digital. This meant that when our invitations were sent out and popped through doors that it was almost a novelty, believe it or not. Everyone’s reaction so far has been ‘wow this is so different’ and they have reacted positively to it – it’s almost a lost art.


Top tips from Ben

  1. Be innovative
  2. Be professional
  3. Be smart
  4. Do something different


Final words

First of all, thank you for Ben from Digiprint for offering your insightful ideas about being different in your marketing! Being different really is something that can make you stand out from the crowd rather than blending into the rest of the room. For me, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, being different is key as what I offer to customers is very unique. Not only do I offer specialised online courses and one-to-one sessions, my branding makes it very hard for people to not notice me in a room full to the brim, whether they are interested in my services or not, people always notice my stand being bright pink!

How do you stand out from the crowd? Be sure to check out Digiprint’s amazing website to see how you can stand out at your next exhibition!

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