Loads of people want to be an author and just like becoming an entrepreneur, it’s never something that hit my radar. I’ve always been looking for an affordable way to teach people to sell. My book, Secrets of Successful Sales, has given me the opportunity to do exactly that and to reach mass market.

Goals and challenges are key to success, so for me as a dyslexic a way to push my boundaries was to write the book. Not only did it stretch me mentally, and physically, but has financial implications as I had to take time out of my delivery schedule to create the content.

In total from start finish a year had evaporated before my eyes, but the loss of time was insignificant compared the worry of what people would think of the book. Although I am confident in delivering training and coaching, the book was completely new ground for me. Which lead to me suffering from Imposter Syndrome, what if no one bought it? Even worse what if they bought it and didn’t like it?

You could have knocked me down with a feather, hypothetically, ha ha, when not only did I top the Amazon Charts and sell out pre-launch, but 5-star reviews from people I don’t know are flooding in!

So, how did I go from not even feeling that I could write to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller?

Here’s my Ten Top Tips

  1. VIDEO – You probably know by now that I LOVE the camera, and I’m no stranger to video. Throughout the lead up to the book launch, we posted relentless video content on all of our social media platforms. Our initial video captured my reaction to us receiving the first copy of the book. I opened the box live on camera – a short ten second video went LinkedIn ‘viral’, reaching over 15,000 views which meant even before the launch date, it had already reached #1 on Amazon in three categories!
  2. PROPS – In my book I mention Cadbury Dairy Milk, Golfing and STARS. This allowed us to create some great video content, which attracted attention. “What do Cadbury Dairy Milk, golf balls, and golf tees have to do with my new book, Secrets of Successful Sales? You’ll just have to buy a copy to find out”. This gave people a reason to buy, people hate to be kept wondering.
  3. GOOD FOREWORD – For anyone who doesn’t know what a foreword is, it is a section at the beginning of a book that introduces it. It is usually written by someone other than the book’s author. So, who better to write my foreword than Emma Jones MBE founder of Enterprise Nation. In my opinion, one of the top ambassadors for helping entrepreneurs and SME’s with their ever-growing success. If Emma is seen as a mentor in this field, and she thinks my book is great, I’d hope everybody else does too.
  4. INFLUENCERS – Like Emma, I’m lucky to know a lot of other influential people in this space. They were only too happy to help out with pictures and videos testimonials about me and the book. We funnelled these into our social media – and guess what? They were nice enough to share with their hundreds of thousands of followers. If you aren’t so lucky to know any influencers in your space, you’ll need to hunt these down. As I teach in my sales courses, find your ‘mover and shaker’, look at where the influencer ‘hangs out’ most. Is it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook? Reach out to these people, retweet them, like their posts, comment, and just engage. The worst that can happen is they say ‘no’.
  5. SPONSORED BOOK LAUNCH – Due to the work I do, I am looked at as a micro-influencer (who knew!!) – I was lucky enough to have my book launch sponsored by the incredible 9Spokes. We both have aligned values, and I genuinely believe their dashboard helps small businesses to buy back time. If you haven’t already, you can check out their FREE tool here. Don’t forget to capture video content of the event!
  6. GET BADGED – As I am writing this, last night I received my Amazon #1 Best Seller Badge. The book reached #1 in three categories. The reason this happens is because the team and I are CONTINUALLY sharing on social media and every time we do that, we name it, and link to the book.
  7. THE AVALANCHE – Start sharing, and don’t stop sharing. As I say, “it all starts with one snowflake, if you keep continually rolling into a Snowball, eventually it will make the avalanche happen”. It is like anything in life, if you invest enough time, you will reap the rewards.
  8. PEERS – Get credibility from your peer group. One of our peers, Daniel Disney, uses video a lot on his social media channels, and just by mentioning my book I had messages telling me they had purchased the book!
  9. REVIEWS – Online reviews impact purchases for over 93% of consumers, and so what better way to influence customers to buy than by asking others to review the book. As I write this, I currently have 39 glorious 5-star reviews, most from verified purchases – (this means nobody can tell me it is my dog that wrote the review!!!).
  10. STRATEGY – I had a very specific strategy, and alongside these I had very specific goals. I wanted the influencers, I wanted a magnificent book launch, I wanted the #1 spot. With a combination of all of these above, I managed it! Lay out your goals and decide what you want to achieve and plan out a clear strategy to achieve that.


In summary, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. The reason I had imposter syndrome is because I didn’t view myself as an author, therefore nobody viewed me as an author. I often talk about the phrase, ‘I think I am therefore I am’ it is important that you see yourself where you want to be.

Another thing to learn is that when you are struggling you ask for help – when we were writing the book, my previous marketing and operations manager, Kiya Newnham, often had to hypothetically tie me to a chair to get the content out of me. Without her help, the process would have taken even longer. Don’t be afraid to start your journey, if I can become an Amazon #1 Best Seller, anybody can!

You can purchase a copy of my #1 Best Selling Book, Secrets of Successful Sales, here.


I look forward to reading your book soon!


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