I love working with young people and over the last four years, I am blessed to have worked with not only some of the UK’s hottest young entrepreneurs, like Jordan Daykin, Ben Towers, Ross Butler and Simon Crowther but my own team has comprised of some amazing top talent (although I am slightly biased as they were trained by me).


In times when there is a lot of criticism of millennials for having no work ethic and spending too much time on their phones, what can I see that others fail to pick up on?


Working for me is not a conventional job as let’s face it I’m not a conventional person, how many sales coaches do you would have the brass neck to refer to themselves as The Entrepreneur’s Godmother!


We have a lot of early starts, late finishes, travelling to events, international speaking and intense office time while we create new ways to educate people around sales, customer service and intrapreneurship. So, when millennials are being frowned upon as being lazy, how do I recruit such hard-working inspiring young talent? Easy, I make things FUN, my mantra is if it’s not fun we don’t do it. Work doesn’t have to be dull and with technology and connectivity at an all-time high, we can use tools like Trello and Slack to communicate and work flexibly.


I believe to make a relationship successful, whether it be business or personal, it’s about being on an equal footing and giving and taking in equal measure. When the team work for me they are given access to my vast knowledge and pearls of wisdom which gives them the confidence to learn new things, make wise choices and eventually find their wings to discover their own world and new paths.


One of the things I have learned from them that there is a whole new language out there that I never even know existed! To be honest, lots of the words are found in the Urban dictionary and are not publishable in my blog!


A word which has struck a chord with me is ghosting.


GHOSTINGWhen a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand. You’ll mostly see them avoiding friend’s phone calls, social media, and avoiding them in public. Urban Dictionary 2016


A great example of this in a personal level is highlighted in a blog written by one of London’s hottest relationship bloggers, Chelsea Docking. But what does ghosting have to do with sales?


Have you ever had a call or meeting with a prospective client and at the end thought, “that’s in the bag, they love me!” But when you do the follow-up call you can NEVER get hold of them? You email, you phone, you repeat, and you repeat again and again? You don’t know what you’ve done, you thought things were going swimmingly. Well, it looks like you were ghosted.


Unfortunately, it happens to us all. If you have read my book Secrets of Successful Sales, you will understand my Four Key Pillars of Sales methodology, which explains the DISC behaviours system. People more likely to do the ghosting are the Greens, as they don’t like confrontation and do anything they can to avoid giving you the NO. What they really hope for is the ground to open up and swallow you alive so you never contact them again.


Here are 3 of my top tips on ghosting


  1. If you are the one who is doing the ghosting…..GROW UP! Put on your big boy or girl pants and just say NO. Don’t be a coward, everyone likes to know where they stand from both a business and personal point of view. No one likes rejection but they will respect you for standing up for yourself.


  1. Part of the reason salespeople get ghosted can be that what happens in a call in their eyes can be very different from that of the prospective customer. “I’ll send you an email with some information” is not a warm lead. If you have established a need over the phone and need to send information it should be concluded by a follow-up date and time. This can be done with a calendar invite which your prospect should accept. If they decline the follow-up, something in your initial conversations has gone off track and you are in danger of being ghosted.


  1. Understand your prospects and find out who else they are considering. It’s important to ask this type of question to know where you stand. For example, if a consumer is getting a new central heating system they will probably get more than one quote. If you know you are up against Bob the Builder who is not VAT registered, he may be 20% less in price than you but may have a history of unreliability and bad service. It’s unprofessional to slag off a competitor but by asking questions around how important service, reliability and warranty is this will help you to guide the customer to understand that by paying more to you as a leading brand in the industry they will be better off in the long run.


As with personal relationship ghosting, you only know you’ve been dumped when you see your ex in the pub with their new bae. In business, you only know you have lost the sale when you see Bob the Builder’s van on customer’s drive carrying shiny new radiators.



Ghosting has always been around in sales, it’s just got a cool new name and it will always happen from time to time, but by using my Four Key Pillars of Sales methodology, concentrating on behaviours, process, strategy and confidence it will reduce the number of times it happens to you.


For more information contact me on Alison@alisonedgar.com

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P.S. As far as millennials using their phone all the time, they do!!! But that’s part of their job, I encourage them to be on social media because without it you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog.


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