Hi, I’m Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

I teach start-ups, micros, SME’s and sales teams how to improve their sales and grow their businesses.

After 25 successful years in BlueChip sales, I’ve developed a simple but savvy model called The Four Pillars of Sales.

So far it’s helped hundreds of start-ups and SMEs flip their figures, increase their sales and grow their margins.

How would your world feel if you could close twice as many deals?

“90% of start-up businesses fail” – Forbes Magazine

I’m passionate about start-ups and small businesses. I’ve made it my personal mission to turn this statistic on its head.

No matter what stage your business is at, or what challenges you’re facing, I can help. From online courses and face to face workshops to individual coaching programmes, there’s a solution for you.

If you can’t find what you need just ask.

I grew up in a high-rise flat in Clydebank, Scotland and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t read and write like all the other students in my class. Now I know I was suffering from undiagnosed dyslexia. BUT I didn’t let that stop me.


When I was 21 I decided to fly the nest to work in hospitality management in Cape Town, Jersey, and Australia.


When I met my husband, Neil, I knew it was time to get a ‘real job’. I knew my passion was people, and what job could I do where I could talk to people all day long? This is where I started my 25-year journey in the world of sales.


After 25 years, I started to realise that my purpose was more than just working in sales.

I started my original business, Sales Coaching Solutions, in 2011 to help sales teams in Small to Medium Enterprises succeed. I worked with the Growth Voucher and Accelerator programs which helped small businesses get access to the specialist sales training they deserved.

That went pretty well! I won GB Entrepreneur of the Year: Special Merit for Service Award in 2015 and was invited to the Queen’s Royal Garden Party for my dedication to Enterprise. I even went to Downing Street!


What more could a girl want?

Well, in 2015, the Government withdrew the Growth Accelerator and Voucher schemes. That’s when I first read that Forbes statistic above. I knew it was going to get tougher for small businesses to access the training they need to survive and grow. I realised it was time for a new approach.

So I waved my wand and launched The Entrepreneur’s Godmother in May 2016.

Why does the world need The Godmother? Because sales are the lifeblood of any company. Without them, your business cannot survive. I’m passionate about teaching small businesses how to sell so they can achieve great results and grow.

Two years on, I realised there was only so many hours in a day that I could be working with the businesses that needed my help. I decided to launch my debut best-selling book, Secrets of Successful Sales. It has been a huge success, with over 80 five-star reviews on Amazon, people are loving it!

It is now stocked in Amazon UK, Amazon US, WHSmith’s Travel, Waterstones, Blackwell’s UK, and Book Depository.

It’s so overwhelming to see something that I, a wee dyslexic girl from Clydebank, have written in the hands of so many people who are truly benefiting from the things that I teach.


So what’s next?

“I want to be the Adele of sales, I want to take over the world”

We’ve gone global! In 2016 we started supporting teams in Europe and the USA. We even headed out to Kuwait with Team Godmother where I spoke at one of the first events of its kind in the Middle East. Over two days I shared my knowledge on business and sales to budding entrepreneurs.

And we’re heading back there soon!

I work remotely with a number of businesses across the globe as well travelling to speak at events worldwide. Check out my speaking page to find out where I am next.

I couldn’t do any of this without Team Godmother

We genuinely believe that when it’s delivered correctly – sales and customer service are exactly the same thing

We pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of our clients and building long lasting relationships. After all, we practice what we teach and genuinely believe that customer service and sales are one and the same.

Our Community

Being part of a strong network has never been more important. For me, the important thing is to always give back.

That’s why I am the regional champion for Enterprise Nation and work closely with Small Business Saturday and Start Up Britain.

It’s a great way to share and expand my network which includes some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

It’s also why I started my online community, The Entrepreneurs Can Clan. The Clan, as we call it, is a Facebook group with over 1500 members, all from different walks of life but with one thing in common, we’re passionate about making a success of our ideas and businesses.

Starting a business can be lonely, The Clan is the answer to this, proving you with support, advice, and fun 24/7.

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