The Guide to Starting a Business

Do you dream of starting your own business?

Starting a business is like having a baby – it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

There’s so much to do it can seem overwhelming.

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It won’t happen overnight.

It takes hard work, determination and drive.

I can’t change that for you, but I can give you a roadmap to help you focus on the right things at the right time.

I can share my experience, network and advice and a lot of encouragement and support along the way.

Let’s make starting your business a little bit easier.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I really want my own business but I’m not sure what kind of business to start”

“I’m thinking of setting up a business and I know what I want to do”

“I’ve started a business, but I’m just testing the waters – I haven’t fully committed to it”

“I’ve started my business, but I’m finding it harder than I thought and there’s more to it than I imagined”

If the answer is “yes” – then this course is going to help you

What are we going to cover?

  • How to find the right idea for your business
  • How to test your idea quickly to see if there’s a market for it
  • Setting the right kind of goals
  • How to start marketing your product or service
  • How to start using social media to promote your product or service
  • Pricing what you do
  • Building a brand
  • Turning your goals into plans
  • Testing your business model

When you complete the course activities – you’ll have everything you need to start a successful business

What do people think of the course?

"Inspirational and motivating"

This course is ideal for someone like me who has never been in a “sales” environment before but would be equally applicable to someone who wanted to improve their sales technique for their business. Alison is clearly an expert in her field and I actually found the whole thing quite inspirational and motivating.

Clive Harrison

"You cannot fail to improve yourself"

I first met Alison at an event she was running at the university I was attending a few years ago. I was instantly taken in by her personality and passion for sales and business. Business is often regarded as complex and only the chosen few have the skills to start and grow businesses, however with Alison breaks down the fundamental aspects of sales and teaches you how to understand your business and sell to your customers. There are no downsides .. take the course … listen to the teachings … undertake the short tasks … you cannot fail to improve yourself and your business in the process.

Chris Miller

"Get an unfair advantage"

Having only just started working in sales I can safely say I after completing Alison’s course I have gained a disproportionate advantage over everyone else in the internet marketing industry I work in. For the price of the course, it is hugely discounted in comparison to the value you will gain. Invest, take action and then pay it forward!

Jordan Harry

"Make this a priority and start right now"

This course is delivered in a very simple, structured and logical way which can be revisited at any time – so there’s no excuse for not improving your bank balance! Make this a priority and start right now!

John Ward

"When you get them right - customer service and selling are the same things"

Alison has the knowledge and experience to back up what she’s sharing with you on the course, which adds to her honest and warm delivery. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to move their sales to infinity and beyond! ‘When you get it right; customer service and selling are the same things’.

Ruth McGrady

"This course is tremendous"

Yesterday I felt despair, as I was facing a business which has no sales people. Having completed the course, I now know that I had ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and that because I believe in what I do, I must get out there and sell it, as it will make a difference to the lives of many young people – I just need to listen to my customers and follow the process.

Nicola Chilman

"The shot in the arm I needed!"

This course was the bite-sized, sales shot in the arm I needed. Looking forward to using the Process to get more specific about what I sell and doing it. Using Alison’s magic to create my own. Thanks!

Helen Farmer

"It's given me a new angle on sales"

I have just completed your online course and it was absolutely great, gave me a huge amount of information, things I had not considered before. I still have lots to go back to and go over again more thoroughly but it has given me a new angle on sales, my customers and how best to serve them and sell to them. Thank you very very much.

Lisa Berry


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