Are you too busy ‘doing life’?

Is it just me or does time have a habit of evaporating? One minute you’re waking up on a Monday morning with gusto ready to give the week it’s the best shot, the next you are closing the...

The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’s REAL Godson

Alison Edgar is known to most as The Entrepreneur’s Godmother; offering her extensive knowledge on sales and business to both small and large companies, all whilst running a successful...

Is Becoming an Entrepreneur for You?

Is Becoming an Entrepreneur for You?   Do you find the prospect of being responsible for your schedule, workload, and income appealing?   The best way to achieve this is by becoming an...

When is your Time to Shine?

How do you know when it is your Time to Shine? Award winning entrepreneur, Alison Edgar, discusses how she knew when it was her ‘Time to Shine’ and her highs and lows of writing her debut book ‘Secrets of Successful Sales’

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