Forget ‘Social Distancing’, I’m ‘NEGATIVE Distancing’

I love and hate the internet in equal measure. I love it because I can get information at the click of a button, but I can also get speculation. It’s hilarious now that every man, woman, granny, dog and hamster thinks they are an expert in COVID-19. Speculation is flying off the shelves quicker than the new load of loo roll at Asda!! 

Guest Blog – Sean Pour’s Top Tips for Success

The 2008 financial crisis was such a devastating time for millions of people—that is precisely why we still can’t shrug it off. For me, though, the crisis marks the beginning of my...

Are you too busy ‘doing life’?

Is it just me or does time have a habit of evaporating? One minute you’re waking up on a Monday morning with gusto ready to give the week it’s the best shot, the next you are closing the...
When is your Time to Shine?

When is your Time to Shine?

How do you know when it is your Time to Shine? Award winning entrepreneur, Alison Edgar, discusses how she knew when it was her ‘Time to Shine’ and her highs and lows of writing her debut book ‘Secrets of Successful Sales’

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