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I can help you build a sales team that delivers.

Bespoke tailored training for teams of all sizes

We work with you and your team to develop the sales and customer service skills your business needs to grow.


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Learn to recognise and adapt your behaviour to meet the needs of the person you are selling to.


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Sales is a process. When you understand the process and where you are in it, you always know what to do next.


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What can you do to get to know your customers better and develop your relationships in the real world.


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Sales is all about confidence. But you can’t magically become confident overnight. You have to work at it.

Here are just some of the targeted training solutions we can deliver

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Introductions with impact

How to make a memorable first impression with new clients and contacts

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Getting past the gatekeeper

Discover tactics that will get you talking to decision makers faster

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Making appointments

They’re the lifeblood of any sales team – how do you get a consistent pipeline of appointments?

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Understanding need

It’s one of the core skills of all great sales people.

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Features vs Benefits

Start selling the benefits of what you do instead of talking about features

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Overcoming objections

Learn to handle objections with confidence

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Negotiation skills

How to get to win/win for you and your clients

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Closing with confidence

Get more deals done with tactics for every scenario

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Perfect pitch

Hone your message and delivery style

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Targets and incentives

We’ll help you find the right approach to get the best out of your team

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Sales activities and KPIs

What should you be measuring and why?

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Managing sales teams

How do you help your team deliver consistent results?

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In the area of sales, there is no one better and more inspirational than Alison Edgar, the Entrepreneurs Godmother. Full of character, passion, and with an amazing love for what she does, I have been amazed at how our young sales team have reacted to her coaching. I think that as much as anything Alison really cares for those she coaches, it doesn’t end with a handshake and goodbye after the coaching sessions, she checks up on your progress, and I get the feeling she doesn’t rest easy until the goals she sets with you are starting to be realised, She simply celebrates in your success, which is so impressive.
Graham Harris

CEO, Technifold

No Letting Go successfully applied to the Growth Vouchers scheme and was allocated a voucher under the marketing and sales category.

They enlisted the help of Sales Coaching Solutions. “They embraced this way of going about things and supported us with a strong sales strategy and coaching techniques. “

Mark and Alison Hardy

Business Owners, No Letting Go

Alison recently worked with our team to deliver bespoke training. Taking into consideration the mix of experience together with bringing her extensive industry and training knowledge into the room. Making the training both interesting, interactive and totally relevant. I hope to use Alison again for future team development and would highly recommend.

Gary Rice

General Manager , Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

Sales Coaching Solutions provided the team with sales and customer service coaching. We held group sessions; looking at their questioning techniques, their enquiry strategy and how they could maximise their sales. This was then following up by individual coaching sessions, both face to face with customers and listening in to their telephone calls. Marcus recalls Sales Coaching Solutions “engaged the team and customers in challenging environments, impacting quickly upon our business in a positive manner, delivering quick, measurable results.

Marcus Whittington

Director, Bath Boutiques

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